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10 Best Scholarships in Asia for African Students in 2022

Applying for scholarships can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to study abroad. There are many scholarships available for international students wishing to study in Asia. Numerous top-ranked universities may also be found throughout Asia. International students come from all over the globe to study here. Thousands of fully funded scholarships are now available throughout Asia. You may simply finish your Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. Asia is divided into 48 countries. Every year, the Asian Government announces a large number of scholarships.

Studying abroad is, without a doubt, a life-changing experience. All of the top universities in the world are now located in Asia. You may also look at the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings for 2021. Aisa has one of the world’s friendliest cultures. In compared to Europe and other areas, Asia is less costly and has more pleasant weather.

China, Korea, and Japan, three well-known Asian countries, are accepting numerous overseas students for free higher education. Free Scholarships are also available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. To study in Asia, there is no registration fee and no need for IELTS or TOEFL. It will cover your whole tuition fee, as well as your airfare tickets, lodging, and other expenditures. The following is a list of the best scholarships in Asia.

Nanyang International Scholarships in Singapore 2022

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore offers international students interested in studying in Singapore the opportunity to apply for a fully funded scholarship through the university’s Nanyang Scholarship program.Applications for the scholarship’s application period in 2022/23 are now open.

The Nanyang Prize, NTU’s most prestigious undergraduate prize, is awarded to outstanding undergraduate students. Nanyang Scholarships are awarded to students that thrive academically, show significant leadership potential, and have exceptional extracurricular achievements.

How to Apply: Applicants must first submit an application for admission before submitting a scholarship application. The scholarship application form may be found under the headline ‘Apply for Scholarship’ at the bottom of your online admissions application.

DAAD Japan Research Grants, Short-Term Grants

DAAD Japan is accepting applications from PhD students from all around the globe for a short-term research program. The program’s main goal is to encourage doctorate students to participate in research initiatives.

All research projects or continuing scientific education courses carried out in collaboration with an academic advisor in Germany at a state or state-recognized institution of higher education or a non-university research institute in Germany are eligible for funding.

The duration of the grant is determined by a selection committee and is dependent on the project in issue as well as the applicant’s work schedule.

How to Apply: To apply, you must first register at the DAAD site, get references, and then apply online or by mail. You will need to visit an online application form on the DAAD site to input your application data if you are applying online. It is critical that you read the whole application guidance before beginning the application process.

The deadline for submitting an application varies.

UCAS Scholarship for International Students to Study in China 2022-2023

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is happy to announce the UCAS Scholarship for International Students, which will help young people from all around the globe pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree at UCAS faculties and institutes.

International graduate students presently enrolled at foreign institutions are also encouraged to apply for combined programs. There are two types of scholarships available: a full scholarship and a half scholarship.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA | UCAS Scholarship for International Students 2022

Interested students must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for the UCAS Scholarships 2022:

Be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport who is favorable to China and follows all of China’s laws and decrees, as well as UCAS rules and regulations.

Be able to communicate in English or Chinese.

Meet the UCAS foreign student admissions requirements.

During the scholarship time, you must not take on any other duties.

Scholarship recipients who want to pursue a PhD or master’s degree at UCAS should enroll in full-time study without working.

Apply: Interested and qualified candidates for the UCAS Scholarship for International Students must apply online using UCAS’s Online Admission System for International Students. In their application, applicants must choose “UCAS Scholarship for International Students.”

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2022. (Beijing Time)

Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2022 at Asian Institute of Technology

Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2022: Students interested in studying in Thailand are encouraged to apply for the Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2022 at Asian Institute of Technology. Doctoral and master’s students with outstanding academic credentials are eligible for the grant.

The scholarship is awarded to qualified candidates with excellent bachelor’s and master’s degrees who wish to pursue their studies in any academic program offered at the School of Engineering and Technology, as well as the School of Environment, Resources, and Development, in one of Thailand’s priority countries.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be eligible for the Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2022, you must meet the following requirements:

Applicants must have completed a 4-year undergraduate program and a 2-year master’s degree in comparable disciplines from an authorized school.

Applicants must have a cGPA of at least 3.5.

Applicants must have an AIT Language Center-required English proficiency score (IELTS 6.0 Overall and Writing bands) or an AIT EET 6.0.

Applicants must have strong academic and leadership credentials.

Applicants must agree to follow the rules and regulations regulating student behaviour at AIT.

How-to-Apply: Before applying online and attaching the needed supporting papers, eligible candidates for the Royal Thai Government Scholarships 2022 should confirm their eligibility first.

SWUFE Chinese Government Scholarship 2022

SWUFE in China’s College of International Education is happy to announce the SWUFE Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Program for the year 2022. (Category B). The Chinese government, via the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, grants scholarships to excellent overseas students to study in China at one of the country’s many partner higher education institutions.

Graduate students of any country who intend to further their studies at any of the participating universities may apply for the Chinese University Program, which is normally fully supported. SWUFE 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship Chinese University Program (Category B) applications are currently being accepted for the College of International Education at SWUFE.

How to Apply: All candidates must submit an online application, validate their application information, and pay the application cost.

Online Application:

Apply online via the Chinese Government Scholarship System (; SWUFE’s Agency Number is 10651).

Fill out an online application and pay the application cost at SWUFE International Students Service System (

Applicants must ensure that the information and documentation in their applications are accurate, genuine, and legitimate. Applicants are responsible for the repercussions of any faulty or false papers or information.

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2022.

Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students 2022/2023

The Shanghai Government Scholarship application period for overseas students in 2022/2023 is currently open. The scholarships are available in Shanghai for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs. The scholarship aims to recruit exceptional students and academics from across the globe, as well as to encourage international collaboration and exchanges in Shanghai education.

There are two categories in the program: A and B. The A-type scholarship is a fully-funded award that covers tuition, housing, living costs, and complete medical insurance for the duration of the scholarship, while the B-type scholarship only covers tuition and comprehensive medical insurance.


Applicants must satisfy the following conditions to be considered for this scholarship:

A non-Chinese citizen in good health must apply.

Age and educational background: Applicants for undergraduate programs should have a high school diploma or equivalent and be under the age of 25; applicants for master’s programs should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and be under the age of 35; and applicants for PhD programs should have a master’s degree or equivalent with academic research ability and be under the age of 40.

Applicants for the pre-college program must have completed high school and have received a letter of pre-admission to an undergraduate program from a Shanghai university.

Academically, you are exceptional.

Language proficiency: Applicants should have an HSK4 level of Chinese and fulfill the language criteria of the institution and program they are applying to.

Meeting the university’s and program’s entrance criteria.

Any applicant who has already obtained any other scholarship from the Chinese government or other organizations is ineligible to apply for SGS.

How to Make an Application

How to Apply: Shanghai Government Scholarship applications are submitted online at Applicants must complete the application and upload all required supporting papers within the application window.

February through April is the application period.

Graduate Scholarships at Khalifa University for International Students

Graduate Scholarships at Khalifa University: Suitably qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for Khalifa University Scholarships, which are accessible to foreign students pursuing graduate studies at the university.

The award provides complete scholarships to graduate students that cover basic educational expenditures and may also provide winners with the opportunity to earn an appealing monthly stipend.

KU Medical Scholarship for Expatriates, Master Research Teaching Scholarships (MRTS), Combined Master/Doctoral Research Teaching Scholarship (CMDRTS), and Doctoral Research Teaching Scholarship are among the scholarships provided to overseas graduate students at the university (DRTS). International students enrolled in approved programs may get full financing via these scholarships.

How to Apply: Interested candidates for Khalifa University’s Graduate Scholarships should apply for admission to the university and, if qualified, will be immediately considered for the scholarships.

Application Deadline: There isn’t one.

Korean Government’s Global Korea Scholarship program 2022

Best Scholarships in Asia for African Students in 2022
Best Scholarships in Asia for African Students in 2022

The Global Korea Scholarship program of the Korean government intends to attract foreign students who want to pursue a graduate degree or conduct research in Korea.

Grantees must enroll in one year of Korean language instruction at a language school on the campus of one of the domestic institutions. (Those who have a TOPIK score of level 5 or above in Korean language fluency are excused from this requirement.)

Criteria for Eligibility

You must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for the Korean Government’s Global Korea Scholarship program:

An candidate, as well as his or her parents, must be citizens of their home country.

Applicants should not be citizens of Korea.

Applicants must be in good mental and physical health to remain in a foreign country for an extended period of time.

At the time of admission, you must be under the age of 25. (Undergraduate) At the time of admission, you must be under 40 years old. (Graduate) Have completed or will complete all formal education courses in elementary, middle, and high school by the date of arrival. (Undergraduate) Have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 80% from your most recent educational institution.

By the time you arrive, you must have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. (Graduate) Applicants who have already completed any undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate degree in Korea are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply: NIIED requests that eligible applicants be recommended by the Korean Embassy in the invited nation or a local university. All documentation relevant to the scholarship application should be sent to the Korean Embassy in their place of residency or the local institution in question.

Proper applicants are sent to NIIED with the relevant documentation by the Korean Embassy or a home university.

The Korean Embassy is notified of the final chosen KGSP grantees after NIIED assesses possible applicants. You should go to the GKS Notice Board for further information.

Application Deadline: There Isn’t One

Korea University Graduate School Scholarships for International Students 2022

The Korea University Graduate School Scholarships for overseas students who intend to enroll in a degree program at the University are currently accepting applications from suitable individuals.

For postgraduate students, Korea University provides a number of Graduate School Scholarships. The scholarship permits students to pursue graduate-level studies in any of Korea University’s subjects.

How-to-Apply: Those interested in applying for the Korea University Graduate School Scholarships must do so online.

If international students match the requirements, they may apply for this scholarship when they apply for admission to a Korean university. Both the admissions and scholarship award evaluations will be done automatically and at the same time.

Application Not Specified

Schwarzman Scholarship in China 2022

Pursue a Master’s Degree Program with a Schwarzman Scholarship in China 2021. The Schwarzman Scholarship is a Chinese government-sponsored highly paid scholarship program. It is named after Thomas S. Rockefeller, who donated $60 million to the China Scholarship Council in 1990. The program allows students from Asian and Middle Eastern countries to pursue higher education in China with free tuition for a period of one year and free living expenses for another five years.

Scholarships for the Great Wall of China

The China Wall Scholarship is for a year. This scholarship is available to international students from impoverished nations. Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. They must have a GPA of 3. 0 or higher. This scholarship is available to students who intend to enroll at the University of Science and Technology of China.

Still not interested in the above scholarships? See other scholarship opportunities here

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